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Against the Pain YPPDon't miss it!!TiME OVERWHOLE LOTTA LOVEDiPROMiSEGivesTwisted GrungeMystery AssholeSay YesNever Starting SongNOT the ENDGive Me a ChocolateRomeo's HeartIf Tomorrow Comes / Asu ga Kuru naraNakodubGive me your love ZenbuMy Ixxxnerveprimal.BiSBiSHuman after allHappy BirthdayLet it beNot SpecialBiSSpell of the Sun / Taiyou no JumonCHANGE THE WORLDPPCCBiSimulationDiEprimal.2Just Cry / Tada naiteno regretMagumatoMURA-MURAMMGKnasty faceHide out cutASHCHELSEAOur SongI wish I was SpecIalall alone / hitoribochiurge over kill to lovePaprikaLet me sleepThousand VoltTeenage FlavourODD FUTURECRACK CRACK

しゃ!!は!!ぬあ!!あぁ。死!!いてぇSCHOOLYARDMy landscapeSHARRGiANT KiLLERSSMACK baby SMACKPromise The StarJAMHere's looking at you, kid.God of Rock n' Roll / Rock n' Roll no KamisamaBODiESALLSPearlFOR HiMMarionetteNothing.Rules of Society / Shakai no RuleVOMiT SONGhelp!!DEADMANOrchestraStairway to meHontou HonkiAm I FRENZY??My distinctionsummertimeHey gateThrow AwayIkitete Yokatta to iu no naraNO THANK YOUSparkBiSH - Hoshi ga Matataku Yoru ni -MONSTERSPrimitivebeautiful saI Need You Selfishly / Migatte I Need YouDeparturesWantIs this goodbye? / Saraba kanaALL YOU NEED IS LOVEBUDOKAN or ONIONS / BUDOKAN ka Moshiku wa TAMANEGIIs this call??SCHOOL GIRLS, BANG BANGDA DANCE!!HIBERNATING VIRGIN / TOUMIN SHOJOLonely girlHUG ME

LASTGANG 2MessageHERETICJealousy MarionetteNight's Dark DreamCAN'T STOPBONDPALETRATESHOWToro Ikura Uni TabetaiAre you kidding?Plastic 2 MercyTIECAR RADIOsugarcrazy nightBarely Lastdon't forget me notISSIN ITTAIQUEEN OF POPReaching Out My Hand / Te wo Nobasuthis is love songWE ARE the IDOLHappy Lucky KiraKira Luckypretty pretty goodfly awaywho am I?UNITNEONLonely Lonely Lonely3rd FLOOR BOYFRIENDDaydreamLetterPeninsulaClose your eyesToraresouToo Misery

EMPiRE originalsS.O.SSO i YAFOR EXAMPLE??Buttocks beat! beat!MAD LOVEDon't tell me whyOn The Corner of The World / Kono Sekai no Katasumi deBright Future / Akarui Mirai

PEDRO - Piece of Shit LonelinessPEDRO - Business Trip Nervous BreakdownPEDRO - Unsweetened TokyoHOLY SHiT - WACK is SHiT

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